Thought of the Day April 10, 2018 Return to your first love

By 10:13 AM

“I hold this against you, though: you have turned aside from your early love. Keep firmly in mind the heights from which you have fallen. Repent, and return to your former.” These words are taken from the Book of Revelations. They are a call to return to the basics in our spiritual journey and perhaps in our marital life. Love is the foundation of our interpersonal relationships. Sometimes without realizing or without deliberately intending it, our relationship with another becomes different, not as vibrant and rich. What is missing? Our love for the other has waned. We love but not the way we did when we began this journey of love. The other is not front and center of our heart, but one among many vying for our attention. What must we do? Fall in love once more, by returning to those actions that spoke our love in the beginning and never stray from them again. If we do, fall in love again. We can never love the other enough. The more we love the more we are fulfilled.

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