Thought of the Day April 25, 2018 Joy

By 9:13 AM

“With the love of a father, God tells us: ‘My son, treat yourself well... Do not deprive yourself of a happy day’ (Sir 14:11.14). He wants us to be positive, grateful and uncomplicated: ‘In the day of prosperity, be joyful’ (Eccl 7:14). Whatever the case, we should remain resilient and imitate Saint Paul: ‘I have learned to be content with what I have’ (Phil 4:11). Saint Francis of Assisi lived by this; he could be overwhelmed with gratitude before a piece of hard bread, or joyfully praise God simply for the breeze that caressed his face.” (Pope Francis) What if we sought to have the same attitude? What if we lived our life in this manner? We have allowed the culture around us to complicate and devalue our life as sons and daughters of God. Can we reverse this? Yes. Begin by choosing to be joyful and grateful for the little blessings of each day. Like yeast this attitude of joy will permeate our whole day.

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