Thought of the Day April 27, 2018 God alone

By 10:00 AM

There are many mysteries in life that remain such. There are many questions that continue to plaque us. There are many concerns that frustrate us. What is the common thread in all these? Is it not the failure to accept our limitations as a creature? We are not all-knowing, only God is. And yet underlying the quest to understand mysteries beyond us, to be able to answer all questions, to be free of all concerns is the trap that caused the first sin. It is the pride seeking to be other than we are, to be like God, knowing all mysteries, having the answer to all questions, free from all concerns. Like Job we must know and accept the truth that we are not God and it is okay. It is hard enough to be fully ourselves, let alone to be someone else. There is only one God, and we are not God. The mysteries we need to know, God will reveal; the answers to any question that we need, he will give or lead us to; all concerns are his. There is a freedom in this truth.

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