Thought of the Day April 5, 2018 Witnessing

By 10:00 AM

“The resurrection of Jesus was a hidden event. Jesus didn’t rise from the grave to baffle his opponents, to make a victory statement, or to prove to those who crucified him that he was right after all. Jesus rose as a sign to those who had loved him and followed him that God’s divine love is stronger than death. To the women and men who had committed themselves to him, he revealed that his mission had been fulfilled. To those who shared in his ministry, he gave the sacred task to call all people into the new life with him. The world didn’t take notice. Only those whom he called by name, with whom he broke bread, and to whom he spoke words of peace were aware of what happened. Still, it was this hidden event that freed humanity from the shackles of death.” (Henri Nouwen) His resurrection has the same effect today, separating believers from nonbelievers, even though both are impacted. The question for us who believe is are we sharing with others this great news of salvation, as the first witnesses did? How can they come to believe if we do not authentically witness?

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