Thought of the Day May 14, 2018 Praise an expression of joy.

By 9:44 AM

Our praise is an expression of our love for God. Someone has aptly said: “When we act out our love and acknowledgment of Him in this way, we fulfill our purpose; and when we are rightly fulfilling our purpose, we have the best possible joy—God is pleased, our relationship with Him is enhanced, and He has rightly received what He deserves.”

Someone else has said: “We praise what we enjoy because the delight is incomplete until it is expressed in praise. If we were not allowed to speak of what we value and celebrate what we love and praise what we admire, our joy would not be full.”

Our praise of God flows from the awareness of God's love for us and our desire to respond in a sacrifice of praise in return. The more we express our praise to God, our capacity to praise increases and expands. Like the psalmists, we cannot contain our desire to celebrate God's being and goodness.

Be attentive today to the opportunities to praise the Lord.

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