Thought of the Day May 17, 2018 Praise and Mission

By 10:38 AM

"Praise is the 'breath' which gives us life, because it is intimacy with God, an intimacy that grows through daily praise. Some time ago I heard an example of this which seems very appropriate: the way that people breathe. Breathing is made up of two stages: inhaling, the intake of air, and exhaling, the letting out of this air. The spiritual life is fed, nourished, by prayer and is expressed outwardly through mission: inhaling - prayer - and then exhaling. When we inhale, by prayer, we receive the fresh air of the Holy Spirit. When exhaling this air, we announce Jesus Christ risen by the same Spirit. No one can live without breathing. It is the same for the Christian: without praise and mission there is no Christian life. Praise, adoration are needed. When speaking of adoration, little is said. What do we do when praying? We ask something from God, we thank him, we intercede. But adoration, adoring God is part of a Christian’s breathing: praise and adoration….  It is the recognition of the Lordship of God over us and over all creation expressed through dance, music and song."  Pope Francis  What happens is we have only one lung? Our life is limited. But what happens if both lungs are blocked? What kind of life do we have? Maybe that reflects our spiritual life at times. Something is missing. Is it the lack of praise and adoration in our life? Is it the lack of apostolic mission? For our life to be be lived fully in the Spirit, we need to be a person of praise and adoration and a person committed to witness the love and power of God in our lives to others.

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