Thought of the Day May 16, 2018 Praise and worship

By 9:59 AM

Here is what Pope Francis has said about the prayer of praise.

“Praising God is completely gratis. In it we do not ask Him to give us anything: we do not express gratitude for anything He has given; we praise Him!” Then he asked some piercing questions:  “Do I know how to praise the Lord? Do I know how to praise the Lord when I pray the Gloria or the Sanctus? Is my whole heart really in it, or do I merely mouth [the words].” He continued:  “The prayer of praise makes us fruitful! Sarah danced in the great moment of her fecundity - at the age of ninety! The fruitfulness that praise of the Lord gives us, the gratuity of praising the Lord: that man or that woman who praises the Lord, who prays praising the Lord, who, when praying the Gloria is filled with joy at doing so, and who, when singing the Sanctus in the Mass rejoices in singing it, is a fruitful person."

A conscious and participating celebration of the Mass will bring us into the presence of the Lord, preparing us for our life in eternity. Praise is at the heart of our worship now and then.

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