Thought of the Day May 22, 2018 Put on the mind of Christ.

By 9:28 AM

"You must lay aside your former way of life and the old self which deteriorates through illusion and desire, and acquire a fresh, spiritual way of thinking. You must put on that new man created in God's image, whose justice and holiness are born of truth." (Eph 4:22-24)

As we deal with the roots of sin in our lives, we have to learn a "fresh, spiritual way of thinking." What does that mean? Instead of focusing on ourselves, seeking what pleases us, we must choose to focus on God, to see ourselves as God sees us. God sees us as his beloved sons and daughters. That is our true identity. To become more fully this, we need to turn away from what denies that, namely sin, and choose to live in the light of who we truly are. The more I desire to be a son or daughter of God, the more I will have the determination to turn away from what prevents me from living this new life in Christ. This is not easy. But with the grace of God it is truly attainable no matter my past.

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