August 24, 2018 Be yourself

By 10:07 AM

The story of the eagle who grew up as a chick with chickens. Like the chickens it pecked and pecked on the ground for food. It never went further than the environment it was accustomed to and it flew only for a few feet like the other chickens.  One day as it looked up, it saw an eagle soaring high above. As it gaze at the sight, it said aloud: “I wish I could fly like that, but I can’t because I am a chicken.”  It never knew it was an eagle and could soar.  All the other chickens laughed at the eagle and said you can never do that. You are a chicken like us.” Full freedom comes from true self-identity and accepting and acting on that true self-identity. Be who you are in fact. Don’t accept the lie which limits you.  Don’t buy into the lie that keeps you from being fully who you are and are meant to be and who you can become.(To be continued)

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