Thought of the Day August 16, 2018 There is more

By 9:40 AM

How great is our God! How great is his creation! How great are we to be created in his own image and likeness, to be so loved by him, to be call good from the first moment of our existence and until the last, to be shown in so many ways, especially through the sacraments, God’s direct and intimate personal love. Do we have a reason to celebrate? You better believer. Do we sometimes forget this most important revelation of God’s love? Unfortunately, we do. When we allow ourselves to be depressed and to feel or think that nobody loves me, nobody cares, I am unlovable, we are denying the truth of God’s word and actions. We are buying into the lie of the Evil One, who has chosen to reject the goodness of God and to alienate himself forever from God. Because he is forever alienated from God by choice, he seeks to create in us a sense of not being loved, of not being good, of needing to satisfying ourselves no matter the cost. The I becomes the center of our world, not God. What makes me feel good, what satisfies me, what I desire and want is more important than anything else. He tells me to grab for it, because no one else really is going to give it to me.

Today, God wants us to hear the truth. God wants us to get real. God wants us to see and be open to his intimate love for each of us. He wants us to rise up from where we are and to know that there is more. There will always be more.  Expect God to do something new in your life, if not this today then very soon. It is like going to Niagara Falls. Don’t come with a thimble or a cup or a bucket, come with a vat. God wants to give you more than you can receive at any one time. His love is boundless, more than the energy of a thousand suns. (To be continued)

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