Thought of the Day October 10, 2018 Hope not despair

By 9:42 AM

That question for Paul was not one of fatalistic despair. For he answered his own inquiry and the questions of all others straight forward in the next line: "All praise to God, through Jesus Christ our Lord!" (Rom 7:25).  This was not a new revelation for Paul. He had come earlier to this realization by a spiritual  insight  from God which he records in his Second Letter to the Corinthians: After praying to God that a certain thorn in his own life be removed, Paul was told: "My grace is enough for you, for in weakness power reaches perfection" (2 Cor 12: 9) Then Paul concludes: "So I willingly boast of my weaknesses instead, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Therefore I am content with weakness, with mistreatment, with difficulties for the sake of Christ, for when I am powerless, it is then that I am strong." (12:9-10) How many have experienced this in their lives?

Before I speak about what can we learn from Paul's teachings and experiences, let me first of all give you an illustration to keep in the back of our minds. It is called the Bell Curve. According to this sociological theory, movements, relations, businesses, follow a natural and almost predictable pattern of behavior and process. At the bottom right side of the Bell curve something happens which creates a new moment in the life of a person or persons. This is called a myth moment. Two people fall in love with each other and decide to seal their love in the union of marriage. A person meets another person who has a vision for the future and the former is captured by the latter and the vision. A new idea is generated which sparks interests among others.(To be continued)

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