Thought of the Day October 11, 2018 The journey

By 9:38 AM

We continue our reflection on the Bell curve. As the persons, the marriage, the movement, the group begin living out the myth experience, the initial stages are like a honeymoon. Everything seems perfect.  Even when difficulties begin to occur, they keep their eyes on and remember the myth moment by trying to make it present at this moment. But the further away they journey from that initial experience, the less power it seems to have in their lives.

After a while the human factors inevitably set in. In marriage the person is not the same as I thought I had married. The person with charisma I believed so much in and his/her vision is no longer as perfect as I had thought. I am more aware of his/her sins and imperfections. The movement I joined and became a part of no longer has the same impact in my life. I don't feel the same as I once did.  I begin to see defects in others. I am not sure if the way we have been doing things is the best way.  The human need to control and organize, the need to look for someone or something else to satisfy me, the need to reassess my situation becomes stronger.

At this point we are at the top of the Bell curve, where we would expect that all would be perfect. Instead of utopia, there is the beginning of discouragement, disillusionment, doubt, criticism, pulling back,  less commitment, questions, even anger and rebellion.

As these continue we begin to slide down the left side of the curve, getting more disgruntled and having a greater feeling of bailing out. As much as we try to pull things back to where they once were, it doesn't seem to happen.

Sociologists say  what is needed before a total crash is a return to and a re-energizing by  the myth moment experience. We need to catch the original vision again and be captured by it in a new way. Once that happens we will begin a new Bell curve, a new journey. (To be continued)

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