Thought of the Day October 25, 2018 He calls by name

By 10:06 AM

In the Scriptures we have many examples of God crying out the name of the person as he knocks at the door of his heart. In the Garden God cried out to Adam; but Adam has hidden himself. Why? because he had sinned through disobedience. To Abraham: "The Lord said to Abram: Go forth from the land of       your kinsfolk and from your father's house to a land that I will show you." To Moses: in the burning bush experience. To Samuel in the Temple. Sometimes we are not in tune with the voice of God  and do not recognize the Lord's voice. To Jonah: Sometimes we don't want to hear the voice of the Lord because of what he asks of us.

Sometimes , like Elijah, when we hear the voice of the Lord in the whisper of the wind we hide ourselves.
Sometimes we are afraid to answer God because we know we have  done wrong and are afraid he will condemn us. Se we try to hide from God, hoping he will not find us out.

Sometimes we are afraid he will tell us something we do not want to hear. Sometimes we feel unworthy for the Lord to enter into our house. Sometimes we harden our hearts when we hear the voice of the Lord.

Sometimes we know in our heart that what God is saying is true but we are not ready to accept it because it means change. We are comfortable where we are and not willing to confront things in our life, like the rich young man in the gospel. (To be continued)

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