Thought of the Day October 4, 2018 God's plan

By 9:39 AM

The scriptures give us the ideals towards which to strive. The revealed word of God provides us with the vision of full Christian life.  We are told in the Gospel narratives  that after the Resurrection of Jesus, the life of the apostles and early witnesses of the resurrected Christ was different. What made the difference. Jesus. They saw, experienced and they believed.

But that was not enough. For Jesus knew the limitations of the human spirit. As long as he would physically and visibly remain his followers would be all right. But the plan of the Father was that Jesus was to ascend into the heavens, where he would be exalted at the right hand of the Father, awaiting his return as Judge of the living and the dead.

What then would sustain and lead the believers down the centuries. It was the further plan of the Father that the Spirit would come to complete the paschal mystery.  The Word became flesh to redeem the world and to reconcile all to God, as a further proof of God's love and plan.  The Father and the Son sent the Spirit to sanctify and empower those to witness who repent and believe in Jesus. On  the day of Pentecost and since then the Spirit has and is fulfilling this mystery of revelation. (To be continued)

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