Thought of the Day Advent Week 1 Day 6 Rejoice

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ADVENT Week 1 Day 6 Rejoice

From the beginning of Luke’s Gospel, Jesus is
the source of joy in the lives of many people. In
anticipation of the birth of the expected Messiah,
Zachariah and through him Elizabeth, his barren
wife of many years, were given a message of joy
by an angel. “The Angel said to him: ‘Do not be
afraid, Zechariah, for your prayer has been heard,
and your wife Elizabeth shall bear a son to you.
And you shall call his name John. And there will
be joy and exultation for you, and many will rejoice
in his nativity.’” (Luke 1:13-14)

This gift of joy was to announce the prophet who
would prepare the way for and point to the Messiah
at the appropriate time.

Latter when Mary, the Christ-bearer, visits Elizabeth
to rejoice with her, we read: “And it happened that,
as Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the infant
leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with
the Holy Spirit.....For behold, as the voice of your
greeting came to my ears, the infant in my womb
leaped for joy.” (Luke 1:41, 44)

Am I a joyful person? Am I a sign of joy to others?
If so, what is the source of my joy? Is my joy found
in my being or in my doing? Is my joy based on
external things primarily or on an internal relationship
with God?

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