Thought of the Day December 28, 2018 God's love is real

By 9:59 AM

What the scriptures reveal to us is that God's love is an incontestable  fact of history. But unfortunately a fact in history and revelation may not be a believable nor acceptable realization in an individual person's life. For what we believe and accept is colored by our experiences and perceptions.  If a person's understanding of God is experienced through a parent who was harsh and unloving, who was never around when needed, who was unforgiving and judgmental, then this could well become, initially at least, the concept of God for that person. He/she would have a very difficult time falling in love with such a person. Hearing that God is love would not make any sense, because one's perception through the parental relationship is totally opposite. No matter how much God manifests his love, the mental and emotional blocks would prevent this fact to be real with the person.

What was your relationship with your biological father? What is your understanding and relationship with God, the Father? Your biological father, like yourself, was human and made mistakes. God, the Father, is divine and all-loving. Even though you may not understand his love, his love for us is real and unconditional. (To be continued)

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