Thought of the Day Advent Week 3 Day 1 Jesus comes in the present moment through his Word

By 10:23 AM

Advent Week 3: Jesus comes in the present moment in mystery 
Day 1 He comes through his Word

There are two movements here. First, we need to attentively hear and receive the Word of God. Second, we must act on that word. When we do, we open our hearts to receive a fresh, deeper presence of God within us. In this way the Word of God is able to nourish the shared life of God given to us in Baptism. How often do we find ourselves “hearing” the Word of God but not receiving it within us? How often have we heard the Word of God and did not act on it? How than can God find a dwelling place within us if there is an indifference to his Word? His Word is his coming to us in the present moment.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

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