Thought of the Day Advent Week 3 Day 4 Jesus is present to those who serve in his name

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Advent Week 3 Day 4

Jesus comes to us and remains with us in the service of others. There is a story of a monk who prayed that Jesus would come to him and remain with him. One day while in his room, Jesus appeared to him shortly before noon. The monk was ecstatic and just gazed in contemplation. He concentration was broken by the ringing of the bell outside the kitchen. He was responsible to feed the hungry that day. He didn’t want to go but rather stay with Jesus. The bell kept ringing. He looked at Jesus hoping he would tell him to stay. Jesus said nothing. The monk reluctantly went to serve the needy. After an hour he returned to his room downcast because he had to leave Jesus who probably left as well. When he opened the door, there was Jesus waiting for him. Jesus told him that he not gone to serve the hungry, he would have stayed.

When we serve others in his name, Jesus is present to us.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

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