Thought of the Day March 25, 2019 Mary's yes

By 10:33 AM

As we celebrate the Solemnity of the  Annunciation, we have a chance to reflect on Mary's response to God's Word to her. God was inviting her to be the Mother of the Savior and waited her  yes. Her response was to do the will of God, even though she didn't understand the full ramifications of her yes. It is that first yes that is all important. Many years ago I read a piece from a book by Michael Quest entitled: "Help me to say that first yes." In in he admitted that he was afraid to trust God with that first yes because he didn't know all the other yeses that he would as asked to give. To him it was like taking a blank check (today it would be our credit card) and signing our name at the bottom. Then we hand it over to God to write the amount he desires. Will he bankrupt me? Can I trust him? Mary's yes was a model for us. Her yes prefigured Jesus' total yes to the Father. Can I say yes to God unconditionally?

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