Thought of the Day March 26, 2019 Forgive from the heart

By 9:27 AM

The Lord said in today's Gospel that we are to forgive from our heart. What does that mean? When God forgives us from the heart, what is he trying to teach us? He forgives us totally and unconditionally because he loves us with an everlasting love. We don't deserve his forgiveness and mercy. Instead, we deserve his wrath for our many sins. But he sees  our misery and floods us with his mercy. We are called to imitate God's forgiveness. We are to forgive others in gratitude of God's forgiveness towards us. We are to forgive from our heart out of love that God has shown us when we did not deserved to be loved. When God forgives, he forgets our faults. Our sins are thrown in the depths of the sea. When we forgive from the heart, we remove these hurts caused by another to the farthest place in our memory. Using a computer term, we delete the data. It is somewhere in cyber space but not in the forefront of our mind. This is not easy to do and yet it is the way to true holiness and living as an adopted son or daughter of Our Father.

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