Thought of the Day March 5, 2019 God is faithful

By 10:03 AM

The word of revelation is just as true today in our lives as it was for Mary, Jesus and Paul. As God  promised to them so he promises to us: “No matter the situation you will face on your journey from birth/baptism to birth/glory, I, your God, will give you the grace, the spiritual help, the strengths, the courage, the conviction you will need to grow in holiness and love.”  With Paul we need to be convinced that “he who has begun the good work (of salvation) in (us) will carry it through to completion, right up to the day of Christ Jesus.” (Phil 1:6) With Paul we need to stand firm on the realization: “In (Christ Jesus) who is the source of my strength, I have strength for everything.” (Phil 4:13) Even when Paul came to the lowest ebb of his life, bordering on despair, he proclaimed with faith certainty: “We were crushed beyond our strength, even to the point of despairing of life. We were left to feel like men condemned to death so that we might trust, not in ourselves, but in God who raises the dead.” (2 Cor 1:8-9)

The God of promise is also the God of faithfulness. Not only does he say: “My grace is sufficient” he also provides all that we need to embrace that grace with certainty. It reminds me of a story. The young Indian brave-to-be needs to prove himself before he can sit with the braves and elders of the tribe around the campfire. After going through a number of tests, the final one is the most crucial. His father or guardian would lead him at the beginning of night into the deepest part of the dense forest, leaving him there without any bow or arrow, knife or spear — without any weapon at all except his courage. He was told that a true brave would be able to spend the night alone and defend himself against every enemy and not panic, even if would have to give his life in exchange. His father or guardian then would leave with the promise to come back after first light to see if the young brave-to-be was truly worthy of sitting with the other braves of the tribe. All night long the young adult would hear a variety of sounds--the kind the mind plays tricks with you when you are afraid and alone. A part of him wanted to run but another part remained firm and resolute. As the first light of dawn appeared he looked to his right and to his surprise he would see his father or guardian poised behind a tree with bow and arrow, knife and spear. He had been there all night to protect his charge from all harm.

“My grace is sufficient” is not just a promise of God but because of his faithfulness he will provide for us whatever we need, if we but remain resolute and firm against the real or imaginary difficulties and temptations which come from the self, the world and the devil. God will never abandon us, even though we do not see him or have a sense of abandonment. (To be continued)

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