Thought of the Day April 18, 2019 Woman, behold your son.

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Woman, behold your son.
Listen to John Paul II: “At the end of his earthly life, as he addressed his Mother and the disciple he loved, the crucified Messiah establishes a new relationship of love between Mary and Christians…. The words of the dying Jesus actually show that his first intention was not to entrust his Mother to John, but to entrust the disciple to Mary and to give her a new maternal role…. On the Cross Jesus did not proclaim Mary's universal motherhood formally, but established a concrete maternal relationship between her and the beloved disciple. In the Lord's choice we can see his concern that this motherhood should not be interpreted in a vague way, but should point to Mary's intense, personal relationship with individual Christians…. The words, "Behold, your mother", are addressed to each of us. We are invited to love Mary as Christ loved her, to welcome her into our lives as our Mother, to let her lead us along the ways of the Holy Spirit.”

There is another spiritual meaning in this exchange. To complete the total gift of himself to the Father, Jesus heeded his own words to the disciples. He chose to let go even the most natural human relationship--that between a mother and her son. There was no denial of this bond, just the acknowledgement that the greatest bond is between him and God the Father. For his sacrifice to be complete, Jesus surrendered everything to the Father, even his human relationship with his mother.

Merciful Savior, and friend of the human race, on Golgotha you pitied your martyred mother and bequeathed her to your beloved disciple. By her tears and prayers, break our proud hearts as we worship your cross and passion and let us take her into our hearts and homes, now and forever. Amen

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