Thought of the Day April 8, 2019 Between sin and love is the cross

By 9:57 AM

"As they were looking on, so we too gaze on his wounds as he hangs. We see his blood as he dies. We see the price offered by the redeemer, touch the scars of his resurrection. He bows his head, as if to kiss you. His heart is made bare open, as it were, in love to you. His arms are extended that he may embrace you. His whole body is displayed for your redemption. Ponder how great these things are. Let all this be rightly weighed in your mind: as he was once fixed to the cross in every part of his body for you, so he may now be fixed in every part of your soul." (St. Augustine)

Gazing on the crucified Christ, see his great love for us. It was our sins that we freely committed that brought him to this decision. Only unconditional love can blot out sin and restore life. We can't love unconditionally and perfectly like Jesus, but we can choose to love by avoiding sin consciously and intentionally. If to free us from the eternal effects of sin is Jesus' purpose for embracing the cross, then our response to his great love should be clear. Love can only be responded to with love.

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