Thought of the Day April 25, 2019 Jesus, I trust in you

By 10:32 AM

“Who can say that he is free from sin and does not need God’s mercy? As people of this restless time of ours, wavering between the emptiness of self-exaltation and the humiliation of despair, we have a greater need than ever for a regenerating experience of mercy....Those who sincerely say ‘Jesus, I trust in You’ will find comfort in all their anxieties and fears....There is nothing more man needs than Divine Mercy – that love which is benevolent, which is compassionate, which raises man above his weakness to the infinite heights to the holiness of God.” (Pope St John Paul II)
As we prepare to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, it will be beneficial to reflect on God's infinite mercy to us. It would be good for us to pray the prayer as frequently as we can, "Jesus, I trust in you." But also what will bring God's mercy into full reality is when we, in turn, show mercy to others through love and forgiveness. 

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