Thought of the Day January 30, 2020 Do not condemn

By 9:46 AM

 In a reflection on the need to be merciful, Pope Francis drew from the Gospel three practical steps to help us how to be merciful in our daily life. Yesterday, we reflected on the question of judging others. Today, we look at Luke 6:37 where Jesus says: "do not condemn and your will not be condemned." How do we do this? When we find fault with others, we not only judge them, but we also condemn them. St. Paul says in Romans 2:1: "For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things." In another place in Matthew's Gospel we hear: "the measure you use will be measured back to you."

For many of us, this habit of condemnation has been part of our mode of operation since early on in our life. How enraged are we at the sins of others but at the same time dismiss our sins? How often do we in failing to forgive another from our heart, we condemn them by holding them in bondage? How often do we dismiss another person as hopeless because of the way they are living?

What can I do to change this habit? St. Paul says that we need to take captive our thoughts. We can't prevent thoughts from entering in, but we can prevent them from leading us to judgment and condemnation of another. Since I don't want to be condemned by God, I need to make every effort to refrain from condemning others.

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