Thought of the Day January 9, 2020 The undeveloped spiritual child

By 11:36 AM

The spiritual child judges according to the world's standards, while the spiritual adult sees things through the eyes of God. In the words of St. Paul: The still immature child in us "chooses to be conformed to this age" while the adult in the Spirit "chooses to be transformed in the newness of the mind...seeking what is the will of God: what is good, and what is well-pleasing, and what is perfect." (Roms 12:2)

The spiritual child is like a natural child whose development is stunted. It is cute from its birth and begins a natural process of development and maturity. Then in the process something goes wrong. The child stops developing. Though the child is growing physically, it  isn't developing mentally and emotionally. And it soon becomes evident that as it develops into that stage where crawling is left behind, that something isn't right. It still craws when it should walk. the child still mumbles as an infant when it should be developing language skills. It is stuck in the infant stage. The situation is sad.

Likewise, the spiritual infant is stuck in its development by choice.  Its focus is self rather than other. It is like the spoiled, self-willed child. Like the natural child or infant, the spiritual infant gets upset over the smallest thing. Feelings are easily hurt. Wrongs done to it are remembered and not forgotten.

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