Thought of the Day January 8, 2020 Spiritual adult

By 12:05 PM

A blessed New  Year! I was out of the country the last ten days officiating a wedding in Argentina. It was a great trip but it is good to be home.

Paul said that when he was a child, he acted as a child. But once he became an adult he put aside childish ways. (1 Cor 13:11) Paul is alluding to his pre-Spirit life and his post-Spirit life. Before his conversion, Paul sought the elimination of the new way following Jesus. After his conversion, Paul's spiritual eyes were open to the mystery of Jesus as the Lord and Messiah. He then saw as a spiritual adult and no longer with the near sighted eyes of the pharisaic child.

Looking at our lives "how far have we proceeded in putting off such childish things as are inconsistent with being a new creature in Christ as a spiritual adult? Has the coming of the Spirit made a continual difference in our lives? To what extent are we still living as spiritual children? Are the following word of Paul applicable to us at this stage of our spiritual journey? "And so, brothers, I was not able to speak to you as if to those who are spiritual, but rather as if to those who are carnal. For you are like infants in Christ. I gave you milk to drink, not solid food." (1 Cor 3:1-2)

In this new year of grace, God wants us to grow more spiritually in our relationship with him. God wants us to put on the mind of Christ more, so that we can continue to mature in our life with him.

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