Thought of the Day April 19, 2016

By 10:39 AM

Lord, it begins with an encounter with you. But  how many people had this initial encounter with you to no avail? That is why you invited people not just to encounter you but to learn from you as a disciple. You then formed them to seek and desire to do the will of the Father, no matter the cost; to totally surrender to you as the Lord of their lives; to follow the lead of the Spirit as missionary disciples, witnessing to others the love of the Father by their sincere, authentic love. Even with this grace formation, some of the disciples have turned away from the hard revelation of the truth. But with Peter, help me to say "Lord, to whom shall we go. You are the Way, the Truth and the Life." Help me to continue to encounter you in a deeper manner each day, as you lead me onward to be possessed by you eternally.

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