Thought of the Day April 4, 2016

By 10:27 AM

Today, the Solemnity of the Annunciation, Pope Francis called for the renewal of our "yes" to the Lord. Mary said "yes" to God's invitation to become the Mother of God. Jesus said "yes" to the Father's to become man and he continued to say "yes" as he embrace the Father's will even to the cross. Here are the Pope's words: "It is God's  'yes' that sanctifies us, that lets us go forth in Jesus Christ.  This is why today is the right day to thank the Lord and ask ourselves: am I a man or woman of 'yes' or a man or woman of 'no'? Or am I a man or woman who looks away, so as not to respond?" Lord, I renew my "yes" to follow your will, uttered many times over the years. May my "yes" be a continual surrendering to you even to my last "yes."

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