Thought of the Day April 21, 2016

By 9:31 AM

 “There are two criteria, which will help us to distinguish the true love, from that which is not true. The first criterion is that love is more in deeds than in words.  In other words, true love is real; it is in the works it does; it is a constant love. It is not a mere enthusiasm. Also, many times, love is a painful thing: the love we think of Jesus carrying the Cross…. The second criterion of love is that it communicates, it does not remain isolated. Love gives itself and receives, it is the communication between the Father and the Son, a communication that is the Holy Spirit. Thus, to abide in the love of Jesus means doing things, it is an ability to communicate, to dialogue, both with the Lord and with our brothers and sisters.” (Pope Francis) How often does our love reflect these two criteria? How often our love may be in words devoid of deeds? How often our love is selfish rather than other? How often do we allow the communication of our love to reveal our vulnerabilities?  How often is our love a true reflection of the love of the triune Persons for one another? Lord, give me the grace to love this way.

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