Thought of the Day April 6, 2016

By 9:16 AM

Internally, as Triune God there is a mutual, eternal self-giving between the three persons, which we call love. That self-giving manifested itself also externally in many ways. Creation is a reflection of this, especially in God creating man in his own image and likeness and culminating this gift with a share in the divine life. But man did not respond through self-gift but through self-focus. Yet, God's self-gift was not thwarted. God so loved the world that he gave us his only-begotten Son, who emptied himself of his divinity and became like us in all things but sin. In his humanity, Jesus gave of himself to the Father by doing the Father's will even to the death on the cross. In this act he gave of himself to us in total self-emptying love, so that we may once more become the adopted sons and daughters of the Father. What should our response be? In imitation of Jesus, we are called to be self-giving to God, embracing his will out of love and to be self-giving to others in love.

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