Thought of the Day December 16, 2016

By 1:25 PM

"In the anguish of my heart, I groaned aloud. All my desire is before you, Lord." Such is the prayer of the psalmist. What is the real desire of our heart at this time of the year, at this time of our life? What should that desire be? The two may be the same or different. If we are sick, we desire healing. If we are weighed down with difficulties, we desire freedom from the problems. If we are overwhelmed with so much on our plate, we desire relief. No matter the circumstances, what we desire will only give us temporary relief, until the next problem arises. Maybe we should broaden our desire beyond the tangible. Maybe if our desire is more of God in our life, then we may be better able to handle all other concerns. Advent is a grace time for us to refocus our desire for God. For when all is said and done, St. Augustine said it well: "Our hearts are restless until they rest in you, my God." Come, Lord Jesus, come.

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