Thought of the Day December 23, 2016

By 12:08 PM

"Let us open our hearts to receive the grace of this Christmas day, which is Christ himself. Jesus is the radiant 'day' which has dawned on the horizon of humanity. A day of mercy, in which God our Father has revealed his great tenderness to the entire world. A day of light, which dispels the darkness of fear and anxiety. A day of joy: a 'great joy for the poor, the lowly and for all the people'"(Pope Francis) How open are we to receive this gift of grace from the Father? Jesus is the mercy that has brought us salvation. Jesus is the light that leads us out of the darkness of sin. Jesus brings us inner peace in a world of conflict. Jesus shares his joy with  us, which enables us to rise above the sorrows of life. There is more. Jesus is the Father's gift of love that helps us to become sons and daughters of God. Come, Lord Jesus, come!

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