Thought of the Day December 19, 2016

By 10:12 AM

As we enter into these last days before Christmas, let us reflect on these words from Pope Francis: "The external signs of Christmas--the tree, the lights, the carols, the gifts--invite us to welcome the Lord who always comes and knocks on our door....We are invited to rejoice in the imminent coming of our Redeemer; and we are called to share this joy with others." There are two movements in the celebration of Christmas: the conscious welcoming of Christ with joy and sharing his love with others joyfully. The second must always follow the first. Jesus comes not just to make a difference in our life through his love, but also to stir in us that desire to share his love with others. The shepherds heard the Good News of Jesus' birth, hastened to see for themselves, and then joyfully shared this message with others. Come, Lord Jesus, come!

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