Thought of the Day December 1, 2016

By 10:10 AM

The two words we can reflect on are taken from today's Mass readings: trust in the Lord and do the will of God. Because of who God is and because of my relationship with God, I can trust that his will for me is for my ultimate good. Theoretically, that may be true. But in practice do I fully trust in his will for me? If I did, would I choose my will over his, which is what sin is? Advent is a time to confront this inner conflict between doing my will over God's. It is a time to cleanse my heart from any lack of trust in God, from vestiges of any "no" to God's will. Then, when we pray the Our Father, we will not just say the words, but fully intend "Thy will be done" in my life. For his  will is to born anew  in our  heart once more, to be the Lord  of our heart. Come, Lord Jesus, come!

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