Thought of the Day May 16, 2017

By 9:26 AM

"O Mary, by the magnificent example of your virtues you stir us up to the imitation of you, and thus enlighten our night. For he who walks in your ways, walks not in darkness, but has the light of life." (St. Bernard) This is possible because Mary walked in the light of Jesus and in the life of the Holy Spirit as the beloved daughter of the Father. Like the moon reflecting the light of the sun, so Mary reflects the Son to us. Even in the dark of night, the moon illuminates our way. So too, Mary. The moon can still be seen even in the midst of a sunny day. Mary is always pointing us to her son,Jesus. Following her lead, which is the lead of the Holy Spirit through her, we can not go astray. Even when we know the way to Jesus, seeing a affirming signpost on the way is comforting. Mary is that signpost.

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