Thought of the Day May 25, 2017

By 9:22 AM

As we prepare to celebrate the Solemnity of Pentecost,
our Holy Father gives us two questions to reflect
on. "The first question to ask ourselves: Do I ask
the Lord for the grace that my heart may be
opened? The second question: Do I seek to hear
the Holy Spirit, His inspirations, the things He tells
my heart that I might advance in the Christian life,
and that I too might bear witness that Jesus is the
Lord? Think about these two things today: Is my
heart open? Do I make an effort to listen to the
Holy Spirit, to what He tells me? And so we
advance in the Christian life, and we too bear
witness to Jesus Christ." (Pope Francis) These are
simple yet profound questions, the answers to
which may reveal to us our relationship with the
Holy Spirit.

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