Thought of the Day May 29, 2017

By 10:24 AM

In these days before the Solemnity of Pentecost we need
to reflect on our personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.
It may be easier to relate to the Father and o the Son but
what about the Person of the Holy Spirit? If we are in
relationship with God, if we are sharing in God's Divine
Life, then the Holy Spirit is dwelling in us. The grace
inspirations that we receive during the day come from the
Holy Spirit. There are other thoughts that are not of the
Holy Spirit. Paul tells us that we must test every Spirit to
discern what is of God, leading to good, and what is not of
God, leading to sin. With a conscious awareness of the
Holy Spirit within us and with us, we will better discern the
path of God leading to holiness from the subtle path
leading to gradual destruction. Come, Holy Spirit, come
with your gift of discernment!

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