Thought of the Day May 24, 2017

By 9:17 AM

"One must begin again every day; we must exercise
ourselves so that our love for the brothers and sisters we
encounter may become mature and purified of those limits
and sins that render it partial, egoistic, sterile and
unfaithful. Every day the art of loving must be learnt." (Pope Francis) Even though love is a gift,  implanted in our hearts by God, it must be properly exercised in order to reach its perfection, namely to be totally other-focused. Sometimes what we experienced as love was not. And because of these negative experiences we begin to question love itself. Only an encounter with consistent, authentic love allows us a glimpse of what love is and could be. That love eventually stirs in us a desire to respond in love, immature at first, but authentic. The more we move in this direction, the more we will experience and express the love commanded by God.

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