Thought of the Day June 15, 2017 Surrender to the Lord

By 9:34 AM

One of the hardest acts to do and to understand is the act of surrendering ourselves to embrace the will of God in a given situation. We have been told
growing up that surrender means a sign of
weakness. But when it comes to our relationship with God, surrendering is a free act on my part acknowledging the person of God, my dependency upon God and that he desires my good not my demise in this act of surrendering. In the Our Father, we proclaim that we want to embrace his greater will for us, but in our daily lives we resist. Jesus
surrendered his human desires to avoid the cross so that he could more freely embrace the will of the Father, which was our salvation. To surrender is to trust in God, to love God by embracing his plan for us in the moment and to walk more faithfully on the road of holiness. With Jesus we need to say from the heart: “Not my will but yours be done."

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