Thought of the Day June 8, 2017

By 10:53 AM

The preponderance of God's revelation is overwhelming
when it comes to his desire to be with us at all times. Why
would the Almighty and infinite God choose to be with us
all the time? Because he loves us. From the beginning of
human existence God wanted to enhance our life through
sharing with us his own divine life. Even after sin entered
the world, God did not abandon us, but promised to be
with us and reconcile us to himself, so that we can share
in his divine life. That is why he sent his Son to redeem
and reconcile us and sent the Holy Spirit to sanctify and
anoint us for mission. Even though Jesus returned to the
Father, he reminded us that he would be with us till the
end of the ages. He also said when we live in love the
Father and he will be with us and within us. Finally, he said
the Holy Spirit, when he comes, will be with us and within
us. God chooses out of love to be with us. Should not our
response be to be consciously with God in every aspect of
our day? Living in the present moment with God makes
this a reality.

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