Thought of the Day June 27, 2017

By 9:42 AM

“From Christ and in Christ, we have been reborn through
the Spirit in order to bear the fruit of life; not the fruit of
our old, sinful life but the fruit of a new life founded upon
our faith in him and our love for him. Like branches
growing from a vine, we now draw our life from Christ,
and we cling to his holy commandment in order to preserve
this life.” (St. Cyril of Alexandria) How conscious are we of
the life of Christ within us? How conscious are we of
growing in that life? We do many things consciously and
automatically to care for our physical life. But do we give
the same or even greater concern for the divine life within
us? Our physical life will cease one day. Our life in Christ
will continue beyond death if it is nourished and nurtured.

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