Thought of the Day June 30, 2017

By 9:48 AM

We all want to see God. But in our human condition we cannot
see God’s face. The scriptures tell us to see God is to die. Why?
Our ability to see and comprehend him is beyond us, would be
too much for us. While we can't see God in our human
condition, we have the promise of Jesus that we will see God in
eternity. If we live in and for him now and die in union with
him, then we will see God. Listen to the words of St Gregory of
Nyssa. “One who has seen God has, in the act of seeing, gained
all that is counted good: life without end, everlasting freedom
from decay, undying happiness, a kingdom that has no end,
lasting joy, true light, a voice to sing pleasingly in the spirit,
unapproachable glory, perpetual rejoicing, in a word, the totality
of blessings. Such is the wonderful hope held out by the
beatitudes. As we have seen, the condition for seeing God is
purity of heart.” (St. Gregory Nyssa) With the grace of God, let
us strive for this purity of heart, so that one day we may see God
face to face in all his glory and live eternally.

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