Thought of the Day June 22, 2017

By 9:58 AM

Living in the present moment is not the same as living only
for the moment. The present moment is all we have, but it
is always connected to the past moment and the next
moment. However, living only for the moment separates
one from the past and the future, as if there was no past
and there is no future. It is the mentality of eat, drink and
be merry for there may not be a tomorrow. Living in the
present moment is reality. It grounds us firmly in our
journey towards the Lord. Living only for the moment is
self-focused and distracts us from our ultimate destination.
Living in the moment is a grace from God. Living for the
moment is a temptation that can lead into separation from
God. The saint lives in the former. The addict for the latter.
Choose which moment you wish to live.

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