Thought of the Day July 21, 2017

By 9:46 AM

"The knowledge of being loved in an unconditional way, before the world presents us with its conditions, cannot come from books, lectures, television programs, or workshops. This spiritual knowledge comes from people who witness to God's love for us through their words and deeds.  These people can be close to us but they can also live far away or may even have lived long ago. Their witness announces the truth of God's love and calls us to act in accordance with it." (Henri Nouwen) Two questions: 1. Who are those who witnessed to us God's unconditional love? Have we thanked them or given God thanks for them? 2. Whom have we loved unconditionally because we have been loved so? Ask God to place in your path those need to be loved as God has loved you. Is this not God's expectation of us. "Love one another as God I have loved you"? Be a witness of God's love, so that God can welcome you into his eternal kingdom. 

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