Thought of the Day July 26, 2017 Embracing our brokenness

By 9:30 AM

"Jesus was broken on the cross. He lived his suffering and death not as an evil to avoid at all costs, but as a mission to embrace. We too are broken. We live with broken bodies, broken hearts, broken minds or broken spirits. We suffer from broken relationships. How can we live our brokenness? Jesus invites us to embrace our brokenness as he embraced the cross and live it as part of our mission. He asks us not to reject our brokenness as a curse from God that reminds us of our sinfulness but to accept it and put it under God's blessing for our purification and sanctification. Thus our brokenness can become a gateway to new life." (Henri Nouwen) This is true, but hard to accept when one is experiencing the pain. In the midst of the brokenness is the lie that leads us to feel abandoned by God or others. It is hard at that moment for one to see, let alone embraced the truth. To remain in the lie will deepened, not only the physical pain, but the emotional and psychological pains. What enabled Jesus to embrace the brokenness of sin, which he took upon himself, was he knew that he was the beloved Son of the Father. This was the truth. The same truth, once embraced, will set us free from the lie. No matter what the brokenness, we are always loved by God. 

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