Thought of the Day July 7, 2017

By 7:49 PM

There is a profound relationship between the spiritual life and ministry. Jesus, in his humanity, knew that he was in relationship with the Father. This intimacy was highlighted at the time of his public embrace of his call from the Father to be the promised Messiah. Jesus' response was expressed I his baptism. The Father's promised Messiah. Jesus' response was expressed in his baptism. The Father's acceptance was proclaimed in the words after the baptism. "You are my beloved Son upon whom my favor rests." Jesus was acknowledging his intimacy with the Father and the Father acknowledged this intimacy by a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit for ministry. This intimacy was renewed and strengthened when Jesus world regularly go aside and pray for extended periods. His mission continued to be led by the Spirit with signs and wonders as his credentials. Jesus, then is our model for our spiritual life and our ministry in his name. Our ministry, to be effective, must flow from our going aside in prayer before ad with God.

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