Thought of the Day July 6, 2017

By 7:37 PM

"How do we welcome home our lost brothers and sisters? By running out to them, embracing them, and kissing them. By clothing them with the best clothes we have and making them our honored guests. By offering them the best food and inviting friends and family for a party. And, most important of all, by not asking for excuses or explanations, only showing our immense joy that they are with us again. That is being perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect. It is forgiving from the heart without a trace of self-righteousness, recrimination, or even curiosity. The past is wiped out. What counts is the here and now, not where all that fills our hearts is gratitude for the homecoming of our brothers and sisters." (Henri Nowen) If we expect that from others, we should extend the same to them. Many times we act out of a double standard: the way we want to be treated in contrast to the way we treat others. We have to remember what Jesus says: "The measure with which you measure will be the measure with which you will be measured."

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