Thought of the Day November 13, 2017 Gratitude

By 8:54 AM

One day a father and his son were walking on a rocky road. The father was a doctor. The son stumbled on a large rock and hurt his leg. The doctor/father quickly knew what to do and reset the leg, so that he would not be permanently crippled. The son was forever grateful to the father. A holy woman of God, Theresa, reflecting on this story, wondered what if the father saw the rock ahead and knew his son would stumble over it and then went ahead of him to remove the rock. The son seeing that action would be forever grateful. Then she wondered how many times God removes stumbling blocks from our paths which we are never aware of. Can we be grateful to God for things unseen and unknown he does to ensure our safe journey in life? That's real gratitude. Indeed, we have much to be grateful. Why not express this in prayer several times today?

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