Thought of the Day November 22, 2017 Gratitude for God's love

By 9:32 AM

We are grateful to God for a mystery we do not comprehend.
For his great love: which we see and which we do not see; he accepts us as we are and who we are and asks us to do the same towards others; he doesn't withhold his personal love because of our race, creed, color of our skin, nationality, language, culture, education, economic status, strengths or weaknesses or whether we love him or not; he loves us because he loves unconditionally.
Jesus is the greatest sign of this divine love.

Paddy Chayefsky, in his play Gideon, has a truly remarkable passage containing his imagined dialogue between Yahweh and the OT judge Gideon:

GIDEON; I thought of nothing but you the whole night. I am possessed by all the lunacy of love. If I could, I would cover you with veils, God, and keep you hidden behind the curtains in my tent. Oh! Just say again you love me, God.
GOD: I do, Gideon.
GIDEON: I do not know why. I must say, I do not know why.
GOD: I hardly knew why myself, but then passion is an unreasonable thing.

God loves because God is love! 

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